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History of “His Story” at Hamilton CRC

It was a few years after World War II that a need arose from an expanding population in the Hamilton area that a Christian Reformed Church be made available to its residents. The largest Christian Reformed Church in the area at the time was East Saugatuck Christian Reformed Church. The East Saugatuck church leadership council approached the Home Missions Board of Classis Holland with that proposal.  A steering committee from the East Saugatuck Church was also needed.   On the first day of April in 1950, the East Saugatuck CRC steering committee began to consider the possibilities of forming a sister church in Hamilton.

Church 1960

The Hamilton area congregation was still waiting for official approval from Classis Holland to agree to approve the request that Hamilton could form a Christian Reformed church in the village.  They did however; want to start gathering together on Sundays and held an initial worship service on April 16, 1950 in the Hamilton Community Hall. The hall was located on the property near the current Hamilton Elementary School main parking lot.  In September of the same year, Classis Holland granted permission for the Hamilton congregation to organize as a Christian Reformed Church. The official organization of Hamilton Christian Reformed Church took place October 6, 1950.

The now official Christian Reformed congregation worshiped in the Hamilton Community Hall until the Sunday following the dedication on March 28, 1952.  That Friday, the church building was commissioned to be a vessel used “to the Glory of God and for His service.”

In 1980 the council realized a need for a bigger worship area so after all the proper conditions were met, the church building was expanded with an addition to the existing church structure. A new sanctuary and lower level classrooms were included in the addition.

*Hamilton Christian Reformed Church (*quite often referred to as Hamilton CRC) is conveniently located at 3596 47th St, Hamilton MI, 49419.

Former and Current Ministers of Hamilton CRC:

  • Rev. Isaac Apol 1951-1954
  • Rev. Paul Veenstra 1955-1959
  • Rev. Seymour Van Drunen 1960-1964
  • Rev. Walter Hofman 1965-1973
  • Rev. Wesley Van Dyk 1974-1983
  • Rev. Mark Davies 1984-1991
  • Rev. Ronald De Young 1993-1999
  • Rev. John Byker 2003-2014
  • Mr. Jacob Porter 2014 – 2019
  • Rev. Stan Scripps 2020- Present

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