Bulletin – March 3, 2019

Hamilton Christian Reformed Church – March 3, 2019

Our Church Calendar:
Today: March 3
9:15 am ~ Prayer Time (Pastor Jake’s office)
9:30 am ~ Morning Worship Service
Worship Leader ~ Rev. Jacob Porter
Offerings ~ HCRC Ministries and Building Fund
Noisy Offering ~ Hand2Hand Ministry
Sunday School Pre-K – 4th Grade
Story: Foot Washing
Fellowship Time follows the morning service
6 pm ~ Evening Worship Service – HCRC
Worship Leader: Rev. Jacob Porter

Monday, March 4
6:30 pm ~ Executive meeting
7:15 pm ~ Elders meeting

Wednesday, March 6 – Ash Wednesday
7 am ~ Prayer Time – Sanctuary
6:30 pm ~ GRACE 360 Youth Group – Youth Room

Sunday, March 10 – First Sunday of Lent
9:15 am ~ Prayer Time (Pastor Jake’s office)
9:30 am ~ Morning Worship Service
Worship Leader ~ Rev. Jacob Porter
Offerings ~ HCRC Ministries and Building Fund
Noisy Offering ~ Hand2Hand Ministry
Sunday School ~ PreK – 4th grade
6 pm ~ Evening Hymn Sing – Hamilton CRC
Offering: Audio Scripture Ministry
Hymn Sing led by: Nate & Friends

Requested & Expanded Announcements
March 3, 2019

Evening Service will be at 6 pm at our church for the month of March. Pastor Jake will lead the time of worship. Join us in worshiping together with Hamilton Reformed Church.

Noisy Offering ~ The Noisy offering for March and April will be given to the Hand2Hand Ministry. This ministry supplies weekend food bags for school-aged children. Various volunteers pack bags on Friday and deliver these bags to various west Michigan schools so that no child goes hungry over the weekend. Your “pocket change” will help supply food for these bags. The Sunday School children thank you for being willing to give of your change. We were able to collect $450.50 for the months of January and February to give to Love INC.

Grace 360 Youth Group will meet on Wednesday, March 6 from 6:30 – 7:30 pm. We will meet in the youth room. Our lesson is on Materialism from Matthew 6:19-34.
Newsletter ~ The March Observer is available in your mailbox. Included in this newsletter are the Cadet race results and
letters from our missionaries.

Lent Devotional Series ~ Lent is a season to focus on the hope of Jesus. Receive a free Today devotional email series to help you refresh, refocus and renew your faith during Lent. Subscribe at TodayDevotional.com/Lent.

Family Faith Formation ~ Ash Wednesday Family Faith Formation Tip. Wearing ashes on one’s forehead on Ash Wednesday is a symbol of repentance. Talk with your kids about the fact that repentance is more than saying “I’m sorry” – it means asking God to change our heart and mind. For help with explaining what Lent means, check out tinyurl.com/LentQuestions and tinyurl.com/LentKids. Giving up something for Lent visit tinyurl.com/40 ThingsLent for a though-provoking list of 40 things (like worry and envy) that parents and older kids might consider giving up for Lent. (Faith Formation Ministries: crcna.org/FaithFormation).

The Gift of Generosity ~ Our mailboxes and inboxes are often full of requests for donations and support. Join Groundwork in the study of Romans 12:6-13 and 2 Corinthians 8:1-15 to learn why believers should be thankful for the opportunities to give, how to be responsible givers, and how to recognize generosity as a spiritual gift. Listen at GroundworkOnline.com.

Kid’s Korner ~ Liz finally makes the football team, but that is just the start of his problems. Will he be able to stick with it or is he going to have to quit the team? Listen to this story and others at kidscorner.net. You can also download the 2019 Lent devotionals to lead your family’s Bible study as you prepare for Easter.

Community Event ~ The Harvesters is a community group of people 50 years old or older. This group is planning an activity on Saturday, March 16 a 6 pm at the GATE Youth Center (4671 Washington Ave., Hamilton) and is inviting anyone 50+. There will be a taco bar and a Farkle tournament following the meal. Table service, beverage and traditional taco meat and toppings will be available, but you are welcome to bring your favorite taco topping or an appetizer or dessert, but you do not have to. If you do not know how to play Farkle you will be able to learn in two minutes or just come and watch. Come for a night of fun and food and bring a friend or neighbor. For questions and rsvp: Harvesters2017@yahoo.com by March 14.

Missions ~ World Renew has many opportunities to serve from volunteering to career in the mission field. If you have a desire to serve God in helping end poverty, to serving in Nicaragua to Tanzania you can be used. For more information contact globalvolunteer@worldrenew.net or worldrenew.net/careers.

Biblical Guide to Discipline ~ Discipline is one of the most important and challenging responsibilities of parenting.
“Biblical Discipline: A Guide for Christian Parents,” an ebook from Family Fire, offers encouragement and answers your questions about child discipline. Get the ebook with your free email subscription at FamilyFire.com/Discipline