Weekly Bulletin 12/28/14

Sunday, December 28, 2014

“We gather to praise the One who has been “our help in ages past” and is “our hope for years to come, our shelter from the stormy blast and our eternal home.”  Welcome to all who have come to rejoice before the loving Creator of us all.

 Worship Leader:   Rev. Thom Daubenspeck

9:30 am ~ Morning Worship Service

Gathering ~ O Day of Rest and Gladness

Welcome & Announcements

Praise Songs ~  I Will Give Him Glory

All Glory Laud and Honor

God’s Greeting and Our Shared Greetings

Prayer of Confession and Assurance ~ Jake Porter

Children’s Message ~ Kurt Dykstra

Children’s Blessing ~

“May the Lord bless you as we worship and grow together.”

Morning Prayer ~ Pastor Jake Porter

God’s Word ~ Luke 2:21-35 (p. 1591)

Message l  My Eyes Have Seen Your Salvation

~ Mr. Thom Daubenspeck

Prayer of Application

Offering Prayer ~ Fred Mireles

Tithes & Offerings | HCRC Ministries & Building Fund

Offertory ~  World Missions:  Rev. Ruth Lemmen

Sending Song ~ By the Sea of Crystal

Sending Praise

Prayer Ministry ~ Fred Mireles and Michele Dykstra

  6 pm –   Community Tesitmony Service

Worship Leader:  Mr. Jake Porter

Scripture:  Psalm 90

Message ~  New Year Perspective

Offering: Love INC



 Jerene Schrotenboer is at Holland Hospital with flu-like symptoms.  Pray that she may gain strength.  The famiy has requested that there be no visitors at this time.  Pray also for others who are dealing with various flu-related issues.

 Thank you to everyone who helped our church celebrate the Christmas season by participating in the services, the children’s program and decorating the church for the season.


 Morning Worship Service,  will be led by Rev. Thom Daubenspeck.

Community Testimony Service will be hosted by our church tonight at 6 pm.  Join us as we close out the year of 2014 and look forward to a new year.

January Worship Services will be led by Jake Porter.  Beginning January 1, Jake will begin the pastor-role at HCRC as full-time pastor.  As a church family we look forward to having Jake lead us as a congregation.

Newsletter ~ Articles for the January newsletter are due today and may be placed in the newsletter box in the narthex.

Recycle ~ After you have enjoyed your Christmas greeting cards why not recycle them.  The Teen Living on Campus can use them for various crafts.  A Christmas card recyle container is in the fellowship hall for your donations.

Small Group Bible Study will be held on Tuesday, January 6 at 7 pm. at the Royal Park Atrium.  We will discuss lesson 17 – The Gospel On Trial from Acts 24-26.


 Today:  December 28

9:30 am ~ Moring Worship Service ~Rev. Thom Daubenspeck

                                                Offering:  HCRC Ministries and Building Fund

                                                Prayer Ministry & Fellowship Time follows the service

   6 pm ~ Community Evening Service ~ Mr. Jake Porter

                                                                Offering:  Love INC

Wednesday, December 31

7 am ~ Prayer Time in the sanctuary

8:30 am – Sr. Breakfast at Hawk’s Nest Restaurant


Sunday,  January 4

                9:30 am ~ Morning Worship Service ~ Mr. Jake Porter                                                                       Offering:  HCRC Ministries and Building Fund

                6 pm ~ Evening Worship Service ~ Mr. Jake Porter

 Advance Notices

Monday, January 5  ~  6:30 pm – Executive meeting

Monday, January 5 ~  7:15 pm – Elders meeting

Tuesday, January 6 ~  3 pm – GATE After School Ministry

Tuesday, January 6 – 7 pm – Small Group Bible Study


Requested & Expanded Announcements

December 28, 2014

 Community Service will be hosted at our church tonight at 6 pm.  Join us as we hear testimonies of    Love INC and Teen Life on Campus Hamilton Middle School.  An offering will be received for Love INC.   Pastor Jake will give the message as we look forward to a new year.

Sunday School classes will resume on January 11.

Newsletter ~ Articles for the January newsletter are due today and may be placed in the newsletter box in   the narthex.

Yearbook 2014 ~ If you would like to order a Christian Reformed Yearbook for 2015 sign the order sheet in  the fellowship hall. This book lists all the churches of the CR along with ministers.  Books will arrive mid-  January and cost $14.

Cookies are needed for our morning fellowship time.  If you would be willing to donate cookies, please sign   the sheet in the fellowship hall.

Recycle your Christmas Cards ~ Teens Living on Campus can use your used greeting cards for crafts   throughout the year.  Your donations may be placed in the container by the church mailboxes.  Any   questions contact Sandi Nyboer.

Chili Cook-Off and Bread Bake-off ~ Our church’s annual Chili Cook-off and Bread Bake-off will be held on   January 28.  Start looking for a great recipe.  Sign-up begins next Sunday.

Love INC ~ Has God gifted you with a passion to help people in need?  Love INC is seeking candidates for           the Hamilton L.I.F.E Skills Program Leader position.  This is a 14-16 hour-a-week position providing               leadership and staff support of the L.I.F.E (Learning In Finances and Everyday) Skills Program primarily on   Thursday afternoons / evenings in Hamilton and one day a week in the Hamilton office.  Job description   and qualifications can be found at www.loveincnwa.org or contact Jean at loveincje@frontier.com.

Calvin Symposium on Worship will be held on January 29-31, 2015 at Calvin College and Calvin Theological  Seminary.  This year’s theme in based on 2 Corinthians.  To register for the Symposium go to          worship.calvin.edu/symposium.

Hearts & Hands for Honduras ~ Use your hearts and hands with World Renew and its partner ministry Diaconia Nacional on their community improvement  projects in Honduras.  Work alongside local   laborers by building latrines, pilas and general construction.  Details can be found at www.crwm.org.    Pray that this need may be met.

Thank You ~So let heaven rejoice, let earth be jubilant and pass the word among the nations. ‘God       Reigns!’   He is on His way to put things right.”  (I Chronicles 16:32-33)  Thank you for joining World Renew in  “putting things right” by giving to the Gift Catalog with a beehive and book set.  In the busy season of    Christmas celebrations and giving opportunities, you have chosen to use what God has given   you to   come alongside your brothers and sisters in Christ who are struggling as a result of poverty, hunger and    injustice.  Right now, your support is bringing about transformation change to individuals, families and  whole communities.  For some people, that cycle of hope begins with a baby goat or water filter.  For others, is may begin with a micro loan for small business or a permanent house that gives shelter in a  time of disaster. Big or small, we are humbled by God’s willingness to work through us to be agents of  renewal.  Thank you for following God with World Renew into the lives of those who are poor through  the Gift Catalog.  Through generous hearts like yours, great needs are being transformed into great joy!

Thank You ~ You honor Holland Rescue Mission with your trust and your generous support.  And your thanksgiving gift is going to accomplish something most people wouldn’t believe possible:  You are  giving homeless people a Merry Christmas.  You are providing them with nutritious meals, shelter,  clothing and life-changing compassion.   On behalf of all of the homeless people you are feeding and blessing we thank you and wish you a Merry Christmas ~ The Holland Rescue Mission