Weekly Bulletin 6/05/16

Sunday, June 5, 2016

“A warm welcome to members and guests who gather today

for worship and Christian fellowship.  May we be blessed as we bless God and one another.”

 9:30 am ~ Morning Worship Service

Worship Leader:  Rev. Kayla Fik

Gathering Praise ~ Praise to the Lord the Almighty

Welcome & Call to Worship

Praise Songs ~  You Are Holy;   In Christ Alone; 

Holy, Holy, Holy

God’s Greeting and Our Shared Greetings

Confession & Assurance ~ Psalm 130:3-4, 7-8

Children’s Message ~ Kurt Dykstra

Morning Prayer

God’s Word ~  Isaiah 2:1-5  (pg. 1062)

Message l  In the Days to Come

Offering Prayer  ~  Dave Visser

Tithes & Offerings | HCRC Ministries & Building Fund

Tithe-of-Tithe ~ $1,652

Offertory ~ How Great Thou Art

God’s Blessing

Sending Song ~ The Benediction Song

Sending Praise

 Prayer Ministry ~ Dave Visser


6 pm –  Community Evening Worship Service

at Bentheim Reformed Church



Thank you church family for your prayers and cards following the passing  of our loved one, Harlan Meiste.  Your thoughtfulness is very much appreciated.           Harriet Meiste, Larry & Dawn Meiste       Lori & Mark Essink


Morning Service will be led by Rev. Kayla Fik who serves as the Ministry Coordinator for Zeeland Classis of the RCA.  Her role is both organizational and pastoral since the classis is involved in ministry and the lives of people.  Kayla is the clerk of Classis, making sure that items required by a denominational and regional system that cares for and equips pastors are run effectively.  She serves as the primary contact, face and encourager for ministry candidates and is also responsible for the care of and connection with retired pastors, spouses and their widows.  Kayla grew up in Holland and is married to Josh and they have recently bought their first home in Zeeland.  Kayla is a 2014 graduate of Western Theological Seminary.

Evening Service will be held tonight at 6 pm at Bentheim Reformed Church.

Holy Communion will be celebrated at the June 12 morning service.  We will also have the commissioning of our mission team who will be leaving on June 18 for Logan, West Virginia.  Our thank offering will be for Faith Promise Mission Support.

Custodian ~ Due to the upcoming retirement of our current custodian Fred Mireles, HCRC is looking for a new custodian.  Anyone with an interest in this paid position or if you know of someone please contact Wayne Breuker of the Buiding & Grounds Team.

 Community Garden Work Night is held every Wednesday starting at 6:30 pm.  Come out to the garden located at the back of the parking lot to help us maintain the garden.


Today:  June 5

9:30 am ~ Morning Worship Service ~ Rev. Kayla Fik

                    Offering:  HCRC Ministries and Building Fund

6 pm ~ Evening Service – Bentheim Reformed Church


Monday, June 6

6:30 pm ~ Executive meeting

7:15 pm ~ Elders meeting

Tuesday,  June 7

6 pm ~ Men’s Bible Study

Wednesday, June 8

7 am ~ Prayer Time in the sanctuary

6:30 pm ~ Community Garden Work Night

7 pm ~ Praise Team

Thursday, June 9

7 pm ~ Men’s Bible Study

Sunday,  June 12

9:15 am ~ Prayer Time

9:30 am ~  Morning Worship Service ~ Rev. Jacob Porter

     Offering:  HCRC Ministries and Building Fund

                      Faith Promise Mission Support

            Commuion and Mission Team Commission Service

6 pm  ~ Evening Worship Service ~ Bentheim Ref.

Advance Notices

Saturday, June 11 – 6 – 8:30 pm ~ Benefit Pig Roast

Saturday, June 18 – 6:15 am ~ Send-off for Mission Team

Tuesday, June 14 – 7 pm ~ Small Group Bible Study


Requested & Expanded Announcements

June 5, 2016

 Thank You to everyone who helped with the Pancake Breakfast this past Monday hosted by our church. We were able to bless World Renew and Teen Life on Campus with $1,075 each.  Thank you HCRC for    your hard work and your donations for this project.

Thank You ~ The Women’s Division of the Bible League International Volunteers thanks all those who contributed to their African translations project to enable Project Philip Bible studies, Church Planting, and Bible-based Literacy to waiting believers.  Continue to pray with us for the provision of God’s Word to a lost and needy world.  Thank you for serving the under-resourced Church and other partners by providing Bibles, biblical resources and training for them to use in their ministry of helping people meet Jesus Christ.

Benefit Pig Roast for the Fitts Family will be held on Saturday, June 11 in the church fellowship hall.  A pig roast meal will be served from 6 – 8:30 pm.  Dylan Fitts is waiting for an appointment with specialist in Detroit at the end of June and has many medical expenses.  Come out and support this family.

Small Group Bible Study will meet on Tuesday, June 14 at 7 pm at Royal Park Atrium.  Our lesson begins on page 61, Episode 3, Matthew 19 and Episode 4, Matthew 20.

Vacation Bible School ~ Overisel Reformed Church will be hosting Vacation Bible School on July 11-14  (6:15 – 8:1 5 pm).  For registration forms and more information go to www.orcministries.org.

Thank you for sharing love and hope through your gift to World Renew through your “Noisy Offerings”.  Your support is life-changing for those who have been overwhelmed by the reality of poverty.  It is a   great feeling for a parent to finally be able to provide necessities like food and clothing for their children.  It is an even better feeling knowing that their ability to provide these things came from their hard work and dedication to strengthening their skills.  With training and support parents are empowered to overcome challenges they have faced for many years.  With a new outlook, many have been able to start businesses, increase their crop production and implement new practices to keep their family healthy.  From these experiences families are restored and healthier, stronger relationships are formed.  Their love for God and for one another is shared as they pass a message of hope to others in their community.  Thank you for partnering with World Renew in blessing people in need around the world.  Your prayers and financial support are instrumental in creating lasting change for hurting communities.  Thank you for your gifts of a Pump & Well, Water Filters and Latrines through the “Noisy Offering” you   collect each week.