Weekly Bulletin 7/12/15

Sunday, July 12, 2015

“This is the day which the Lord hath made, we will rejoice and be glad in it” (Psalm 118:24, KJV). 

Welcome, in the name of the One who created this day for us!

 9:30 am ~ Worship Service

Worship Leader:   Mr. Jacob Porter

Gathering Praise

Welcome & Announcements

Call to Worship

Praise Songs ~  Come, Now Is the Time To Worship

Change My Heart O God

Lord I Give You My Heart

Bible Verse

Ministry Moments ~ Berend Bergman

Children’s Message ~ Tom Tucker

Children’s Blessing

Morning Prayer

God’s Word ~  Genesis 11:1-9 (pg. 15)

Message l  The Tower of Babel: 

Building a Stairway to Heaven

Offering Prayer ~ Wes Lemmen

Tithes & Offerings | HCRC Ministries & Building Fund

Offertory ~  Create In Me A Clean Heart

God’s Blessing

Sending Song ~ The Benediction Song

Sending Praise

Prayer Ministry ~ Wes Lemmen and Sue Tyler


 6 pm –  Community Worship Service

at Hamilton Reformed Church

Guest Speaker:  Dr. Steven Bouma-Prediger

~ Keeping God’s Earth ~

Offering:  Love INC School Backpack Ministry

You may either bring school supplies or monetary gifts

for the offering


Continue to pray for those of our church family and friends who are dealing with health issues.

Thank you ~ I would like to thank the congregation for the prayers, cards and love shown to me in the recent loss of my husband and to Pastor Jake for his prayers and words of comfort. Thank you, in Christian love.                                    ~Norma Klingenberg


Morning Service ~ This morning Pastor Jake will lead us in worship continuing with the stories of Genesis.   This morning we will look at the story of the Tower of Babel.

 July Community Evening Woship Services will be held at Hamilton Reformed Church at 6 pm.  Tonight the guest speaker will be Dr. Steven Bouma-Prediger, professor of environmental studies at Hope College, speaking on the topic of earth-keeping.  What does it mean for followers of Jesus and be faithful caretakers of creation?

Small Group Bible Study will meet on Tuesday, July 14 at 7 pm at Royal Park Atrium.  We will discuss lesson 6, “Bringer of God’s Word”.

Church Potluck will be held on Saturday, July 18 at Tri-Ponds  Campground (north of Hamilton M-40).  The supper will be at 5:30 pm and you will need to bring meat for the grill, a dish to share, beverage and table service.  Come early and join with those of your church family camping at the campground.

Congregational Town-Hall meeting will be held July 26 immediately following the service.  We are in conversation with Western Theological Seminary about becoming a teaching church this fall.  Please come to find out more and get your questions answered.



Today:  July 12

9:30 am ~ Morning Worship Service ~ Mr. Jake Porter

     Offering:  HCRC Ministries and Building Fund

    Prayer Ministry & Fellowship Time follows service

6pm ~ Community Worship Service ~

at Hamilton Reformed Church

Guest Speaker:  Dr. Steven Bouma-Prediger

Offering:  Love INC Backpack Ministry


Tuesday, July 14

7 pm – Small Group Bible Study at Royal Park Atrium

Lesson 6 – Bringer of God’s Word

Wednesday, July 15

7 am ~ Prayer Time in the sanctuary

6:30 pm ~ Community Garden Night

Saturday, July 18

5:30 pm – Church Potluck at Tri-Ponds

 Sunday,  July 19

9:30 am ~  Morning Worship Service ~    Mr. Jake Porter

     Offering:  HCRC Ministries and Building Fund     

6 pm ~ Community Service at Hamilton Reformed

Guest Speaker:  Dr. Dennis Voskuil

Offering:  Love INC Back-to-School Ministry


Advance Notices

Monday, July 20 ~ 7 pm – Council meeting

Sunday, July 26 ~ 10:45 am – Congregational meeting

Requested & Expanded Announcements

July 12, 2015

 Church Family ~ Please pray for Dale & Carol Eding.  Dale was admitted to the Cleveland Clinic on Thursday  and is undergoing test.

July Community Evening Services (6 pm) hosted at Hamilton Reformed Church

July 5:  Community Independence Day Service ~ Rev. Ron Ver Wys – Leadership Resource International

July 12: Dr. Steven Bouma-Prediger – Hope College, professor of environmental studies

July 19: Dr. Dennis Voskuil – the Marvin & Jerene DeWitt Professor of Emeritus of Church History

July 26: Amy Klanderman – student at Western Theological Seminary – first person message on the  character of the adulteress women in John 8

The offering at each service will be for the Love INC Backpack Ministry.  You may bring back-to-school supplies or monetary gifts which will be used to purchase school supplies.

Church Camp-Out Potluck will be held on Saturday, July 18 at the Tri-Ponds Campground.  You are invited  to join your church family for this fun event.  Bring a dish to share, meat for the grill, tableware and  drinks.  Supper is at 5:30 pm.  Come early and join for a relaxing afternoon.

Congregational Town Hall meeting will be held on Sunday, July 26 following the morning service.

Love INC Prayer Sheet is available on the Welcome Table.  Many praises and requests to bring before the Lord.

Back-to-School Supplies are needed for the Love INC Backpack Ministry.  A list of school items needed is available  on the Welcome Table.  Your donations may be placed in the basket in the fellowship hall until August 9.

Love INC Back-to-School Backpack Ministry is up and running.  If you need assistance this coming year with      school supplies for your children, please call Love INC at 751.2533 to fill out an application.  Application  deadline is August 21.

Employment ~ Lakeshore Little People’s Place Christian Childcare is now hiring teachers and assistants.   Full-time and part-time positions are available in Holland and Hamilton.  Applicants must be 18 or older  and available year round until 6 pm.  A degree in early childhood or related field and/or experience working in a licensed childcare is preferred.  Send your resume to llpp.office@gmail.com or visit llpp.org                for more information on site locations.

The Christian Reformed Conference Grounds will host Big Band of Praise on Saturday, July 18.  This group         of instrumentalists comes from Holland, Michigan and offer up big band standards and gospel songs set to a swing beat.  A free-will offering will be taken to help defray the cost of the music ministry.  The  concert will begin at 7 pm.  A Baked Chicken dinner will be available from 5-6:30 pm in the Sunshine Room.  For more information go to www.crcg.org.

World Renew Thank You ~ You have a heart for the world!  Thank you for using it to share God’s love   where it most needs to be experienced.  Every community where World Renew works fully belongs to  God, and has the potential to become a place where justice is valued and every person’s skills are put to use.  Through your prayers and gifts, you are empowering men, women and children in these communities to take the steps needed to reach their potential.  This not only includes assistance in  times of disaster or emergency, but assistance to help people restore broken relationships and build  vibrant families and communities in their everyday life.  Through people like you, farmers are         participating in agricultural training to help them improve their harvests and have more food on the  table, young adults are making healthier choices for their lives and people held back by illiteracy are learning to read, write and do basic math.  The possibilities for transformation goes on and on.  World   Renew thanks you for your heart for helping people.

Right to Life of Holland Area will be having a Car Show on Wednesday, July 15 at the Engedi Church (710  Waverly – Holland).  This is an event for the entire family and will feature horse & buggy rides for kids,    face painting, games and prizes for kids.  Cars will be voted by judges and spectators ballots.  For more   information contact 616.396.1037.

Fulfilling Life Ministries (5734 – 143nd Avenue Holland) will have their Annual 7th Summer Picnic on Saturday, July 18 starting at 3:30 pm.  There will be food, kids games, The Critter Barn, fishing,      hayrides,  entertainment, music from Down Home and ID Crew.  Everyone welcome.

Mission Opportunities ~

 *Teach English in West Africa.  Join missionaries as they reach out to rural people groups in projects with  an emphasis on EFL, literacy and audio recording, although other types of projects are possible    depending on the volunteer’s skills, interest and needs of the village.

*Poverty and poor health often go hand in hand.  Share your skills and experience at a Christian hospital  in Tanzania.  Three 6-12 months positions are available for medical volunteers to assist the African Inland Church Hospital in treating patients with quality care.

*More information on these mission opportunities can be found at volunteer@crcna.org.  Pray that these opportunities may be met by World Missions.