Weekly Bulletin 2/05/15

Sunday, February 8, 2015

“Brothers and sisters, welcome to worship

 in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.”

 Worship Leader:   Mr. Jacob Porter

9:30 am ~ Morning Worship Service

Gathering Praise ~ Build Your Kingdom Here

Welcome & Announcements

Praise Songs ~  I Will Sing of the Mercies of the Lord

       Lord Have Mercy On Us

       Wonderful Merciful Savior

God’s Greeting and Our Shared Greetings

Confession and Assurance

Words of Assurance ~ Isaiah 1:18  ~  Dean Porter

Children’s Blessing ~

“May the Lord bless you as we worship and grow together.”

Children, Pre-K – 4th grade are dismissed for Sunday School

Community Ministry ~ Q-Place DVD

Morning Prayer

God’s Word ~  Matthew 20:29-34 (p. 1531)

Message l  The Art of Listening and Asking Questions

Community 2015 Series

Offering Prayer ~ Matt Walters

Tithes & Offerings | HCRC Ministries & Building Fund

Offertory ~  Oceans ~ Where Feet May Fail

God’s Blessing

Sending Song ~ Benediction Song

Sending Praise

Prayer Ministry ~ Matt Walters


6 pm –   Evening Worship Service

Worship Leader:  Mr. Jake Porter

Scripture:  John 3:1-21

Message ~  Our World Belongs to God:  Stanza 5

Offering:  GATE After School Ministry


This morning Pastor Jake will lead us in worship focusing on the Art of Listening and Asking Questions as part of the Community Series.

Coffee with the Pastor will be held following the evening service tonight at Pastor Jake & Kris’ home.  Everyone is welcome to come for a time of fellowship, refreshments and sharing about our church.

Valentine Night ~ The Youth Group will be hosting a Valentine Supper this Wednesday, February 11 starting at 5:30 pm.  They will also have entertainment following the supper.  Plan to join for this night and help support the youth.  Donations will be accepted for their Youth Mission Trip this summer.

Community Service will be held on Sunday, February 22 at 9:30 am at the Hamilton High School.  The guest speaker will be Mr. Jeff Klein of Q-Place Ministry.    We will celebrate Holy Communion as the Body of Christ.  Overisel Reformed Praise Team will lead us in praise songs.  Child-care will be provided for 2-year-olds – 3rd grade. The offering will be for Love INC (please note – to avoid confusion with your general fund tithe to HCRC, you are asked to give to the general budget the week before or after – February 15 or March 1)

Community Hymn Sing will be held on February 22 at 6 pm at Hamilton CRC.   Jake Ten Cate, Sheryl Piper and Cal Dozeman will lead the singing.  The offering will be for Teen Life on Campus in support of Sandi Nyboer’s work at Hamilton Middle School.

Baby Basket ~ Today is the last day the “baby basket” will be out for Charlie Elizabeth.  Thank you for helping to make our little ones welcome.

Conference ~ Journey Through the World With Jesus Conference led by Rev. Ray Vander Laan, will be held March 20, 21 and 22.  Information on this conference is available on the Welcome Table.


 Today:  February 8

9:30 am ~ Morning Worship Service ~ Mr. Jake Porter

             Sunday School:  Pre-K – 4th grade

        Story:  A Penalty, A Party and A Promise (2 Samuel 6&7)

     Offering:  HCRC Ministries and Building Fund

        Prayer Ministry & Fellowship Time follows the service

10:45 am~– Sunday School:  5th – 12th grade

6 pm ~  Evening Worship Service ~ Mr. Jake Porter

                         Offering:  GATE After School Ministry

7:15 pm – Coffee with the Pastor

Tuesday, February 10

                3 pm ~ GATE After School Ministry

Wednesday, February 11

7 am ~ Prayer Time in the sanctuary

5:30 – 6:30 pm – Valentine Dinner

6:30 – 7:30 pm – Valentine Fellowship

7 pm ~ Praise Team

Thursday, February 12

3 pm ~ GATE After School Ministry

Sunday,  Febraury 15

                9:30 am ~ Morning Worship Service ~ Mr. Jake Porter

Sunday School:  Pre-K – 4th grade

                        Offering:  HCRC Ministries and Building Fund

                10:45 am ~ Sunday School:  5th – 12th grade

                6 pm ~ Evening Worship Service ~ Mr. Jake Porter

Advance Notices

Saturday, February 21 – 8 – 9 am – Community Breakfast

Sunday, February 22 – 9:30 am – Community Service at                                                                 Hamilton High School

Sunday, February 22 – 6 pm – Community Hymn Sing at HCRC

Wednesday, February 25 – 5:30 pm – Cadet Pinewood Derby                     Supper and Race


Requested & Expanded Announcements

February 8, 2015

 Valentine Fellowship Night will be held this Wednesday, February 11.  A Valentine dinner will be served from 5:30 – 6:30 pm (Chicken Breast, Mashed Potatoes, Salad and Valentine Cupcakes).  There will also  be entertainment starting at 6:30 pm.  The High School Youth Group appreciates your support of this      project to help raise funds for the mission trip this summer.

Community Service will be held on Sunday, February 22 at 9:30 am at the Hamilton High School.  Mr. Jeff  Klein of Q-Place Ministry will be the guest speaker.  We will also celebrate Holy Communion.  A nursery will be provided  for 2 year-olds – 3rd grade.  The offering will be for Love INC for help with expenses for      the service and their ministry. Checks should be made out to Love INC.  For your church budget giving,  please consider giving the tithes the week before or after.  If you have any questions on this please ask a  deacon, Pastor Jake, or Lori.

Pinewood Derby Race Challenge~  The Cadets will be having their annual pinewood derby race on   Wednesday, February 25 at 6:30 pm in the fellowship hall.  The Cadets would love for you to be part of  the action!  There are extra car kits and building guidelines available in the fellowship hall for anyone in  the congregation who would like to build a race car and race in the event.  The Cadets challenge you to  race them!  Sign-up in the fellowship hall.  Save the date as we will need plenty of spectators!  A pre-race supper will be served from 5:30 – 6:30 pm.

March Conference ~ Join with others on a Journey Through the World of Jesus.  This conference will be led by Rev. Ray Vander Laan on Friday, March 20 (7-8:30 pm), Saturday, March 21 (9 am – 4 pm) and Sunday, March 22 (9:30 am worship service) at Hamilton CRC.  Registration and information forms are  available at the Welcome Table.

Please Excuse the Mess during our painting project in the narthex.  Matt and Judi say thank you for giving  them the opportunity use their gifts to help HCRC.

Community Canta ~ You are invited to join a Community Canta at Haven Reformed Church.  If you like to  sing please join us in the sanctuary  of Haven Reformed for rehearsal starting Wednesday, February 11 – March 25 from 7:30 – 8 pm.  For more information call Dawn Hukill at 751.2128.

Love INC Prayer Page is available on the Welcome Table.  Various request to bring to God in prayer.

Love INC ~ Has God blessed you with a heart to help people in need?  Love in the Name of Christ (INC) is  seeking candidates for the Hamilton Associate Director position.  This is a full-time position providing leadership of the Hamilton area ministry, clearinghouse, church and community relationships.  Resumes     should be sent to [email protected].

Be Someone Who Matters to Someone Who Matters ~ The best way to learn how much each of us matters is through our relationship with Jesus Christ.  David wants to learn to change a tire on a car.   Marissa would love to learn to cook.  Jose and Tracy needs someone to help them get a job.  Devon and  Ann are hungry and need the meals at group.  Jacob just wants someone to write him.  Cloe loves horses and needs healing for her heart.  These are some of the things Barnabas mentors do for kids all across our community here in Hamilton, individually and in a group.  Consider becoming a Barnabas mentor to  a young person who needs the skills and wisdom you have to be successful.  Please contact the Barnabas Office at 616.748.8435 or email [email protected].

Holland Christian Schools 2015-16 kindergarten registration is taking place.  Rose Park and South Side offer 3-day and 5-day classes.  For more information contact Cournty Lampen at 616.820.2804 or   [email protected].

Thank You so much for your generous support for Back to God Ministries International.  This year we  celebrate 75 years of ministry – and our mission has remained the same – to share the Gospel.  We   proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ around the world in 10 languages.  While we still use radio,  television and printed materials like the Today devotional… we are also using all kinds of new   technologies:  websites, podcasts, blogs, Facebook, and even text messages to name a few.  Thank you     for your support and please continue to pray for our ministry.